smores desserts!

Nothing says "summer is here" like camping outside with your friends and making smores around an open fire. Classic smores are delicious as they are, but here are some yummy recipes that take them to the next level.

Smores Thumbprint

I don't want to brag, but I might have made this cookie recipe for my co-workers, and they might have described them as "the best cookies they've ever had." :)
Bonus: they are super easy!


things that make me smile: motivational kid

This inspiring speech made by a kid who just learned how to ride his bike definitely made me smile today. I think we all could use a little motivation like this every once in a while!


best commencement speech ever

diy: pom poms

Eventually I will feature DIY projects that I have actually done. Until the wedding is over, I'll be linking you to fun DIY projects that I would try if I had the extra time.

This one by Martha looks really fun. These hanging pom poms could be used at weddings, showers, birthday parties, or even just as decorations in your house.

Nicole, from Making It Lovely, decorated her front porch with some of these!
the front porch

You can also make a smaller version, and use it for napkin rings or countless other fun decorations.

All you need for this project is 
1. tissue paper
2. 24-gauge white cloth covered floral wire

You can find the directions here.

Have fun!


future dream house files: window seats

I have always loved window seats.

Ever since I saw Dorothy Jane talking to "the man in the moon" from her window seat on "The Torkelsons". :)

Which is why I think our future home will have to have one of these:


window seats 


For the wedding, we decided the perfect gift for the guests would be a jar of Wes' family's famous homemade strawberry jam. So we all spent a day picking, washing, stirring, and canning a whole bunch of the yummy stuff.

The whole family helped! This is Wes' little cousin, Carter loading up his bucket.

When we got hungry from all the picking, we had a snack.

This is only a tiny fraction of the amount of strawberries we ended up with!

The finished product - mmmm so good! I think the guests will be very pleased.

Now, I'm not going to give away our delicious recipe, but you can find some similar strawberry jam recipes here here and here



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