I love decorating with pictures, but I sometimes run out of ways to display them in our little apartment (there is only so much room/wall space for frames). This is a fun way to display your pictures - especially Instagrams - on your refrigerator.

Here's what you'll need:

I found the magnet sheets at Michaels, and just printed off pictures at Walgreens. You could also use Postal Pix or another Instagram printing site to get all the photos the same size/quality.

Apply the photo to the magnet sheet with double stick tape, then cut the magnet sheet into the shape of a polaroid picture border.

Then just decorate them with sharpies or washi tape, and hang them on the fridge! :)


  1. Those are very cute. On picmonkey you can change your photos into "polaroids" too. Love your ideas!

  2. So cute! This is a great way to display some of the photos we receive from family and friends around the holidays. Thanks for the idea!



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