It's hard to believe that I've been taking up this little piece of cyberspace for an entire year! Actually in some ways it feels like it's been much longer. I feel like I've learned a lot about blogging in the last year and still have a lot to learn. I cringe when I look back at some of my old posts, and there was a point where I lost almost all of my images and had to do some major post trimming. Because of that, I don't think this was my actual first post, but it is the first I have listed: strawberry jam!

It's awesome to think that when I started my blog last year, I had about 1 reader/day (probably my mom) and now I have about 11,000 views/month! I know that compared to a lot of blogs that is not much, but it is quite an improvement for a year. I have always been a believer that working hard and being patient (which is so hard sometimes) always pays off. So, I will continue to post about my life, projects, style, and other stuff I like as long as you will continue to read about it! :)

This time last year, I was getting ready for my wedding, working a "normal" job, and reading several blogs each day. While I still enjoy reading blogs, there is something in me that just loves to create. I got to the point where I had to be one of the people creating rather than reading about others creating. It sounds silly now, but at the time starting a blog was a big deal for me. I was still struggling with doing what I thought people expected of me (9-5 career in business with a 401k) vs what I really wanted to do (creative stuff!) and I had a lot of reservations about people thinking that I hadn't done enough to deserve my own blog. A lot can change in a year! Now I have completely accepted having a creative, nontraditional job full time and I have never been happier. I hope that with blogging I can inspire you all to take the leap of faith if you are feeling the way I was, and if you don't feel that way, I hope I can just be a fun place for you to go in your web surfing for some pretty pictures and weekend projects. :)

Here are my top 5 most popular posts:

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