Hello, everyone! I'm Mari from Arcadian Lighting, a fabulous online place to discover lighting fixtures for every room of the house and outside too. I'm so happy to be visiting with you at Holly Would today with a guest post about rooms dressed up in pale hues. I love decorating in whispery soft shades. There's something so visually appealing and relaxing about these barely there colors. Please enjoy the eight rooms we've brought to share with you today!

Interior Design Living Room Home Decor Pale Paint 

Pale grays and watery blues are layered in this white living space. Even the artwork is a nod to these stormy ocean colors. 

Interior Design Dining Room Caged Chandelier Home Decor 

The pale shimmery metals of Tolix chairs and caged chandelier are lovely and just right for this dining room. Black lines on the wall art seem to add even more emphasis to pretty pastels.

Interior Design Dining Room Scandinavian Style  

The sherbet-colored walls in this open living space push pale hues to the edge of bright. What a pretty contrast they are to the white ceilings and floors. White cone pendant lights add quirky interest.

  Interior Design Living Room Home Decor 

This pale living room effortlessly merges modern furnishings with ornate architectural elements. Soft pastel toss pillows add a hint of color on the sofa.

Interior Design Modern Classic Sitting Room Decor 

From floor to ceiling, this classic modern sitting room shows off a pretty pale palette at its best. Powdery pink walls create a lovely backdrop for soft lemony yellow, green and pink furnishings and art.

Interior Design Ombre Trend Home Decor 

With a lovely mix of color, ombre textiles are the design stars in this contemporary living room. I love the delicate shading of the rug and the decision to use a gray rug on top of the gray concrete floor.

Interior Design Bedroom Home Decor  

This slightly rustic bedroom is done in a pale palette that includes greige, grey blue and an orchid undertone on the pink walls. Lighting is provided by a diverse trio of little lamps.

Interior Design Outdoors DInner Party Ideas Home 

And lastly, a pretty pale palette heads outside for a celebration. Atop reclaimed wood tables, this pastel tablescape is feminine with a blend of old and new in pinks, blues and greens.

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 A pretty pale palette has a wonderful overall calming effect in a space. What are your favorite pale colors? Comment below and make sure to check out our amazing pendant lights at Arcadian Lighting

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